George Tisen and Mr. Beaver

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, George Tisen, aka Tisen, has a new friend. His name is Mr. Beaver. Unlike Red Dog and Squirrel, Mr. Beaver required a more formal title.

Mr. Beaver was yet another spontaneous purchase, this time at Target. I responded to some super natural force that caused me to turn unexpectedly down the dog toy aisle. In spite of the fact that Tisen now has a squeaky toy collection of Red Dog, Squirrel, Puppy Love, and Minnie Teddy in addition to 3 squeaky Kong tennis balls, I felt compelled to add Mr. Beaver to the collection. It seems neither one of us can resist a squeaky toy. I’m guessing our neighbors in our echo-chamber apartment building love them just as much as we do.

But George Tisen loves his toys so much, it’s hard to resist buying him another one. Especially when he does something as adorable as he did today. He took Mr. Beaver with him on our evening walk. I managed to get Mr. Beaver out of his mouth long enough to slip the collar over Tisen’s head, but when I tried to push Mr. Beaver out of the way of the door, Tisen snagged him up and headed out the door with him in his mouth. I was too overcome by the giggles to take Mr. Beaver away and leave him at home.

Tisen often likes to carry toys with him on walks, but this is the largest he’s insisted on taking with him. Last time I let him carry a toy, it was a tennis ball. He got bored with it and set it down in the gutter just before we crossed a busy street. I didn’t realize he’d set it down until we got well into the park. Luckily, it was still sitting where he left it on the way back and he snapped it back up again on the way home.

Today, I’m confident Mr. Beaver won’t fair so well if Tisen leaves him somewhere, so I watch him like a hawk for signs he’s planning to set Mr. Beaver down. He holds Mr. Beaver all the way across the street, through the parking lot, past the first pee stop, and doesn’t set him down until we’re at the first grassy knoll. I pick up Mr. Beaver just to ensure he doesn’t end up in the line of fire since Tisen is sniffing around. Tisen turns around and grabs Mr. Beaver immediately, apparently upset that I’ve picked him up.

At one point, Tisen spots an area that’s recently been dug up. He sets Mr. Beaver down and starts to dig like he’s going to bury him. I tell him he can’t bury Mr. Beaver and pick him up again. Tisen takes him back once more and doesn’t set him down again until we’re inside the apartment.

It’s better entertainment and cheaper than a movie.


10 responses to “George Tisen and Mr. Beaver

  1. aww that is so sweet! Every time I buy Sasha a new toy she ends up tearing it up eventually. But a lot of times when we go out, she grabs a bone or toy and wants to take it with her. If I see it, I usually tell her to put it down. She walks around in circles with it like “ah, please mommy” but I tell her she can play with it when she gets back. Sometimes she gets one by me and she shows it off once we get out. She is proud of herself for being able to sneak it past me lol

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