Tisen’s Night Out

Tisen had a hard day on Thursday.  Normally, Tisen’s day is filled with the following duties:

  1. Guarding Mommy from displays of affection from Daddy
  2. Cleaning his food bowl with his tongue
  3. Taking Duck, Mr. Beaver, Lamb, ‘Possum, Eddie, or Minnie for a walk around the park 3 times a day
  4. Taking Daddy for a walk around the neighborhood to make sure all is secure before bed
  5. Rolling the lawn at the park to make sure it’s bump free by using his own body weight
  6. Looking adorable
  7. And, most importantly, napping.

Since we had a date night Thursday night, Tisen had to spend the night with some friends.  The pooch party started late in the afternoon–he went to the tail end (hee hee!) of day care so he could have play time with his new friends before bedding down for the night.

I had a very hard time with this.  I’ve never sent a dog on a sleep over before.  We always had dog sitters who could come to our house.  Now, we were leaving Tisen in the care of relative strangers overnight.  And we didn’t even know the other kids invited to the party!

I thought since he’s been going there to play, it wouldn’t be so hard on him or me.  But, he didn’t want to go in with the other dogs when we got there.  Even though I’ve watched him on the webcam and know once he gets inside, he has a good time, it broke my heart to have to walk back with him to get him to go in.  I left quickly and tried not to cry on the way home.

He was absolutely livid with me when I went to pick him up in the morning.  I gave him Duck to hold in his mouth so he wouldn’t try to grab my hands with his teeth.  I had trouble paying because he was trying to drag me out the door.  I guess he thought he was going back to a dog kennel for good.

Today, he seems to be back in his normal routine.  Napping every thirty minutes (assuming he bothered to wake up between naps), taking a walk every 4 hours, and being generally cute.

But, yesterday, I thought he might have permanent psychological damage.  He followed me around like he was afraid I’d disappear.  When he napped, he napped at my feet with some part of him in physical contact.

Is sleeping in a kennel in his own bed really so different from sleeping at the foot of our bed?

As for the pictures, having gotten advice from a friend to work with one light until I can predict what it will do, I’m happy to catch Tisen napping on the couch.  By keeping the light far away, he only opens his eyes into tiny slits every once in a while.  The other two pictures used available (if bad) light.  Tisen’s a good model when he’s trying to catch up on sleep.


9 responses to “Tisen’s Night Out

  1. oh if I was in Chattanoga I would baby sit Tison so you wouldn’t have to make him stay in a kennel. It makes me sad. Those are some really sweet pics of him. When Sasha wakes up, I will let her look at them.

      • lol, she wouldn’t if he came here but she would love to visit him lol She is very territorial but she loves other dogs as long as they are not on her property lol

      • We haven’t had another dog over, but h’s been very territorial when human visitors have come over. He starts herding them like he thinks he’s a shepherd. It would be cute if he were less intense about it.

  2. It is never easy saying goodbye to your babies. Sounds like when I left my girls at kindergarten and then when I left the oldest one at college. Thank goodness the baby is staying here to go to school! I could not stand doing that again. Tisen is such a great dog! And, he has such a great life!

    • I cannot imagine taking a child to school for the first time–I’m not sure I would have survived parenting. Tisen seems to have fully recovered from his trauma. We’ll see how he does next time he goes to day care though! 🙂

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