Wags & Whiskers Wednesday (#7)

For all you dog lovers, here’s an awesome blog for you. They were kind enough to feature Tisen in this week’s Wags & Whiskers Wednesday, which posts submissions from readers. Enjoy!

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Wishes for a happy Wednesday to you all!

I’ve never been overly concerned with Valentine’s Day.  Maybe it’s because I spent so many of them single, but I think it’s more to do with the silliness of it all.  Do I really need another day of the year to give and receive cards, gifts, and sweets from my husband?  Do we really need to shell out our hard earned dollars to eat a fancy meal?  I was content to stay in last night and eat a wonderfully delicious dinner at home … that way I could spend this holiday not only with my husband, but with my equally loved pup.   As Pablo (that would be my husband) was making supper (YUM!) and I was relaxing with my margarita, Buffy (that would be my pup…but you probably already knew that) sat sweetly at my feet.  On a day meant for celebrating…

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The Singing Towhee

I sit on the balcony and watch cars roll by.  It’s been a while since I’ve sat out here with my morning coffee–I am reminded of when we first arrived in Chattanooga 5 1/2 months ago.  Although, it was August then and I only sat on the balcony before sunrise–it got much too hot once the sun was up.

Earlier this morning, Tisen and I walked through the park listening to birds who clearly felt it was spring.  I believe it was just two nights ago there was a winter weather warning.  I listen to an Eastern Towhee and realize I’ve never heard one sing before–well, at least not when I knew that’s what I was hearing.  In fact, seeing an Eastern Towhee was always a rare event for me.  When I check the range map, I learn that they are present year round and this is not a harbinger of spring.  However, the urgency and vigor of his song competing with the robins’ probably is.

Our walk is uneventful, but when we return home, Tisen cannot wait to get off his leash and prance into the living room.  He does his playful prance that involves throwing limbs in directions it doesn’t seem like they should go.  I think he’s excited to see his daddy, but it turns out it’s Mr. Beaver he’s so excited to reunite with.

He and Mr. Beaver curl up on the couch.  Since my camera is still sitting on the tripod, I figure I might as well take a few shots, although I don’t bother to change the lens.  And, since I have my 17-55mm lens on the camera, I might as well go out on the balcony and see if the light is doing anything interesting to the view.  The city is shrouded in a slight mist this morning–the sun casting long shadows as it rises above the horizon.  In the sky above, a waning moon hangs mid-sky, too far from anything to get a decent shot with a my wide angle lens.

One thing is obvious–it’s going to be a beautiful sunny day.  Or at least morning.  I plop myself down on a balcony chair to write wearing my pajamas and no jacket and feel sorry for all the people below me in their cars who had to get up, get showered and into office clothes and are now on their commute to the office.

Of course, maybe they’ll have move fun at the office than I will have working from my isolated home office.  There is something about working from home that can make a person a little stir crazy.  I catch myself talking to Tisen more and more often.  He hasn’t answered yet, so I think I’m OK.  But perhaps it’s the fact that I don’t see other people all day that makes me notice things like the song of the Towhee?