Lazy Sunday

At 5:30AM my alarm goes off.  I’m relieved it’s not for me, but for Pat.  I pull the covers up higher over my shoulders, snuggle down and go back to sleep.  Tisen jumps onto the bed at some point and, instead of curling up at my feet, pushes his way under the blankets from the top of the bed.  I’m too sleepy to argue and Tisen cuddles in next to me.

I sleep and wake, sleep and wake for a while.  I roll over to one side, then back to the other.  Eventually, Tisen gets tired of my restlessness and moves to his bed on the floor.  I sleep soundly for a least a half an hour with the bed to myself.  When I finally check the time, I’m shocked to discover it’s 9:30AM.  I can’t remember the last time I slept that late, but I’m not sure it was in this millennium.

After a quick and easy breakfast for both Tisen and me, I head for the couch where Tisen curls up next to me once more.  Tisen brings Minnie Teddy with him, looking even more adorable than usual.

It’s a rainy Sunday and Pat is out of town–that means one thing:  watching Glee.  When Tisen starts snoring so loudly I have to turn up the volume to hear, I get out my iPhone and try to take a video.  However, it beeps and rouses Tisen just enough to stop his snoring, so I content myself with still shots.

We spend the entire morning pretty much immobile on the couch.  Eventually, I get  myself cleaned up and we go for a walk in the rain.  A large hawk, probably a Red-tailed, sits perched on the solar collector over the wetland.  I try to get a shot with my iPhone.  This is not wildly successful.

I do run out and do some productive things for a bit, but at the end of the day I find myself wondering, “What on earth am I going to write about for my blog?”  I’ve been watching an online class on photography on a site a friend turned me onto and I think about the shots I’ve taken with my iPhone today.  In the unit on the camera, the instructor explains the difference between sensors in point-and-shoots vs DSLR cameras.  While I’ve learned this before, he explained it more clearly.  I now know I should give up on night shots with my iPhone, for example.

This inspired me to look for something to shoot with my DSLR for my daily post.  I look out the window and the clouds are doing some interesting things as the sun prepares to set.  The wind is picking up and the clouds are moving fast.  I decide to forego switching lens and to shoot with the 100mm lens that’s still on my camera from Friday.  I’m beginning to think my 100mm lens is all I really need.