I had this idea for a blog post.  It started when I was flipping through a magazine at a hair salon.  I was looking at some trashy rag on movie stars.  They had an article that showed a movie star’s hairstyles over the years.  I thought, “wouldn’t it be fun to compare how my hair has changed over the years”?

I forgot that I’m not often in front of the lens since I’m usually behind it.  It was hard to find any pictures of myself and even harder to find ones that aren’t completely humiliating.  I also didn’t realize how, no matter how much I change my hair, it always seems to look the same.

I don’t know too many women who are so content with their hair that they keep it exactly the same for their entire life.  I know many men who may or may not be content with their hair, but haven’t changed their style since the day they were born or the day they first had enough hair to style, whichever came first.  My father is one of them.

Hair has always been a bit of a struggle for me.  When I was a child, I had a plastic bristle brush that pulled my thick hair, making it vaguely wavy.  I had no idea I had curly hair.  In fact, I started perming around 1980 and continued perming for about 10 years.  It wasn’t until I switched to a short, straight cut and, after 2 years of no perms, wondered why I was still struggling to blow out my curls that I realized they were naturally occurring.

I’ve been switching between wearing my hair straight an curly ever since.

There seems to be a pattern:  wear hair curly, wear hair straight, grow hair longer, wear hair curly, wear hair straight, cut hair shorter, wear hair curly, wear hair straight, grow hair longer.  Sometimes, the cutting shorter might repeat a couple of rounds before the grow longer part kicks in.

Can you say you change your hair all the time if you always change it in the same ways?

Well, I really changed it this time.  I made the decision to grow out my color and decided to pick a short cut to make that process shorter.  I picked Sharon Stone’s current cut as the example for my hair stylist.  Unfortunately, the stylist had never cut my hair before and didn’t realize it wasn’t going to behave like Sharon Stone’s hair.  I guess I should have known by now.

I did this in early July.  Losing about a pound of hair was awesome in July.  And it’s so easy.  But I had the realization that as the days get shorter, the humidity drops, and so does the temperature, I’m going to be cold this winter with no hair to keep my ears and neck warm.

Must be time to start letting it grow.