Down Came the Rain

There’s been an interesting development in the weather of late.  We went from ridiculous heat and drought to rain, rain, rain.

When at last the rain came, I went from relief to disappointment to worry.  The first day, when the rain drops started, I felt myself exhale.  Finally, rain!  But, it lasted only a half an hour or so and rained so hard it seemed like of it bounced off the dry earth and rolled away in the gutters.  The steam rising off the asphalt left us in a steam bath and the temperature barely dropped.

The next day, it rained more.  The temperature dropped dramatically and the sky took on an ominous tone.  The 10-day forecast was predicting rain for all of the next 10 days.  The relief in the temperature was welcome, but when the skies unleashed a torrent of rain that caused our roof to leak and the streets to flood, I started to worry. Coincidentally, I had volunteered to lead a bird walk for beginning birders before work Wednesday morning.  I scheduled it “rain or shine”.

This meant taking Tisen for a walk before the bird walk.  I tried to get him out of bed at 6AM.  He heard the rain on the roof and just rolled his eyes at me and stuck his nose under his blanket.  Tisen is not fond of rain.  Fortunately, his dad was home and volunteered to take Tisen out later while I was on my walk.

It did rain during the walk.  In fact, it started raining about the time we started walking and then kept raining harder and harder.  No one seemed to mind except the birds–they were suspiciously absent.  Although, we did see a couple of Osprey soaring over the river.

It rained like it was never going to stop from then on out.

The following afternoon, I managed to take a break for lunch.  I looked out the window and saw it was only sprinkling, so I thought I’d better take Tisen out right away.  He grabbed Blue Dog and off we went.  By the time we got downstairs, it was pouring.  I figured we might as well go for our walk in the rain, but Tisen had to be convinced.  He took two steps out from under the overhang and turned back around and started running for the door.  I managed to get him headed back out with much coaxing.

When at last we returned home, all three of us were soaked.  As soon as I let Tisen off his leash, he went running into the house with Blue Dog in his mouth.  He carefully laid Blue Dog on a towel left on the floor from drying Tisen earlier.  I had to laugh.  Since Tisen gave the big towel to Blue Dog, I had to use the only dry dog towel left in the house, which was an old hand towel.  Poor Tisen was still wet hours later.


11 responses to “Down Came the Rain

  1. Now that is Tisen making do 🙂 . It was so nice of him to take care of Blue Dog. It has flooded about a mile from here but nothing much here–3 times this week. A happy medium would be nice. I can’t complain. Have a good weekend.

    • Tisen cracks me up–lays down in a stream, but doesn’t want to walk in the rain. Go figure. It was awfully cute that he was worried about Blue Dog. Fortunately for us, the rain settled and we had several steady days so everything got soaked without much flooding. We’ve had at least a little rain every day since.

      • I guess Tisen wants to choose when and how he gets wet–I’m like that, too. That shot was so precious. I want to do that when it is so hot. Glad to hear you are having beneficial rain and not flooding! I hope you have a good week!

      • Thanks. Have been better – dare not complain. I hope you are doing well and the temperatures have backed off a bit. I loved that photo of Tisen-it reminds me of when we would visit falls and springs in the summer. Cool and relaxing… Take care!

      • You are a trooper. I’m afraid I’ve been negligent on keeping up with others lately. Glad you’re hanging in there. 🙂

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